Free Fire Cider! By now most of you have probably heard about the Fire Cider debate. Is it possible to trade mark a name that has been used for a product for over 35 years? The product was a folk remedy taught to a young Rosemary G ladstar by her grandmother and she in turn has been teaching it to her students for over 35 years Shire City Herbals a small company located in Pittsfield, MA justified their actions in a statement that states: Fire Cider” is indeed a term from the world of folk medicine that predates our usage of it. What we have done is create what they call 'secondary meaning' in the trademark world. This means that to the general public, Fire Cider means brown bottle with a pirate on it that is m ade by Shire City Herbals. Word of the action has flown through the herbal community like wild fire with the aid of the internet . Debates and petitions are all over the web. Many are calling for Shire City to cancel the action that prohibits herbalist a ll over the country from using the age old name Fire Cider Vinegar. Shire City Herbals alerted Etsy.com that the name could no longer be used and they must cancel any product using that name. Creative entrepreneurs were soon back on the web with names l ike Dragonfire Cider and Wildfire Cider. Ms. Gladstar herself responded to the situation with a note at www.freefirecider.com She said in part: I was so disappointed when I heard about this. I received a note just a few days ago informing me that a man has trademarked this product. I found this rather unbelievable ~ and extremely disappointing ~ since I first made and named this recipe over 35 years and have taught thousands of people to make it. It was a recipe based on many old formulas and has been popular for years (long before my time, I'm sure). So many people make and sell it, as it was given freely to everyone, to be used, to keep healthy with, and to sell. But the audacity of someone to lay claim to the name and then trademark so others can't use it, is hugely disappointing to me. (from //www.facebook.com/originalfirecider/posts/1429514103952596

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